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YOUR Specials: Acupuncture treatment FREE with the purchase of 1 hour full body massage. $60.00 ($20 savings) Book your next appointment today.

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“Foot Spa & Reflexology is now open for business. Experience the mysterious and wonderful feelings of the oriental culture. Dating back to ancient times 3000 years ago, reflexology is an important part of Chinese traditional medicine and treatment. The foot massage helps reduce stress, relieve pain and it great for your overall health and comfort. This is the ultimate relaxation experience."

Foot Spa and Reflexology


You can list your hours or specials below!
✔️ 30 Minute $30.00
✔️ 60 Minute $48.00 / Special Sea Salt Reflexology $10.00
✔️ 90 Minute $72.00 / Remove Dead Skin On Feet $30.00
✔️ 120 Minute $99.00
✔️ 90 Minute Pamper Package: Foot Spa, special Sea Salt Reflexology, remove dead skin from feet, foot skin care. $99.00 ($59 savings)
✔️ Special: Acupuncture treatment FREE with the purchase of 1 hour full body massage. $60.00 ($20 savings)


INCLUDED IN EVERY SESSION you will experience the traditional Chinese way to soak your feet. Our expertise in this method and our knowledge of herbal medicines, preventing and treating many health problems and diseases. Reflexologists do not diagnose. Reflexology is a protocol of manual techniques, such as thumb and finger-walking, hook and backup and rotating-on-a-point, applied to specific reflex areas predominantly on the feet and hands.

Come to our center and you will definitely experience the mysterious and wonderful feeling the oriental culture will bring you. One of the theories of reflexology is that the body will nurture and repair itself once released from stress.


Benefits of Foot Reflexology
✔️ Provides deep relaxation
✔️ Discharged toxins
✔️ Helps improve overall healthy feeling
✔️ Relieves muscle aches
✔️ Relieves foot odor
✔️ Helps improve circulation throughout the body
✔️ Helps relieve fatigue and sleepless nights

Reactions to Reflexology Treatment May Include:
✔️ Increased energy
✔️ Relief from pain
✔️ Tiredness
✔️ Enhanced sleep
✔️ More mobile joints


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